Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BAKA'S SHOOTER at Terror Dome

The Shield...

The Fire Power...

The Shooter in a full piece..

and The Stencil..

using 15 cans of Pylox..3 cans are empty..i think that there was someones adding some grey dot paint on my white shades after I'm gone..felt disappointed.. but it's ok though.. was fun on that day..i can met all of my graffiti heroes such as Wormo Toter,Pope,Chest2,Indy,Tutu and the rest of the family..saw them all in actions..Whooww..millons thanx for all of them for giving me a spot on their prodo..esp. pope&wormo..thanx guys..

1 comment:

syabie said...

nice graffiti, keep it up!