Sunday, July 29, 2007


A happy afternoon at Bulungan..a live performance by break 13, Ones, & The PoPo..I had so much fun for watching those guys in their Prodo..coz there's a lot of beautiful ladies around man.hxihxihxihix.kiddin..these are some pict that I took..

Miel66, Popo, Break, Ones

Break 13


having fun & foolin around with Break & Popo.hehe..those guys are really SICK them both..

thanx 4 holdin my Sticker girl..! ^_^

the last..the one & only....a nice photshot with dian sastro in front PoPo's piece...hihihi..such a talented young artist.....too bad she's short (just as short as me.hihihi)

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Anonymous said...

heyyyahh, itu kan gw!
hee. tengs atas pajangannya...
atus cihuyy